EPV Energy – the forerunner in low-emission and renewable energy

Responsibility is the basis of EPV Energy’s operating activities and is clearly evident in the company’s activities, way of thinking and management. Holding to the absorption costing principle, we supply low-emission and competitively priced electricity and heating to our owners. EPV Energy Ltd is a Finnish energy company that generates and procures approximately 5% of all the electricity consumed in Finland.

By improving our range of energy generation, we have significantly lowered our carbon dioxide emissions over the last ten years. We aim to achieve carbon-neutral electricity and heat generation by 2030.

EPV Energy’s corporate responsibility achievements in 2020:

We are keeping pace with a changing world

EPV closely monitors worldwide megatrends, as they often also have an effect on the energy sector. When we recognise the direction in which society is developing in good time, we can effectively anticipate future challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented.

Climate change

Carbon-neutral electricity by 2030

Security of energy supply

A high degree of security of supply for Finnish energy companies

Changes in the energy sector

Long-term operations require a long-term energy policy


Efficient delivery process and fast-reacting production



The new electricity revolution

Do you think the world is ready?

No, it is not. That is why we have investments of EUR 1,000 million in new electricity on our drawing board. By 2030, all the energy we produce will be generated completely emission-free.  This is how we build a sustainable future. Along the way, we will also relentlessly develop the more traditional forms of energy production to keep reducing their emissions.

In the future, we will also apply business models that are different from those currently used. We will form alliances and work in collaboration with various partners. We will develop solutions based on new electricity in areas such as heat production and industrial processes. Our goal is to use this new electricity production to connect the energy needs of different industries. New electricity is the main enabler on the way to a new zero-emission world, where the most flexible player will be the star of the game. We want to be that star: the one whose revolution people want to join. We are an investor and an ally, but we do not set out to advise others.

We make sure that every member of our team is offered the opportunity to be involved in building a zero-emission world. The success of our goal is determined by how well our professionals succeed in the face of growing challenges. What is required now is open-minded thinking, new learning, a culture of experimentation without fear of failure, and bold action. This will create an enthusiastic EPV team where every employee can develop, learn something new and be proud of what we achieve together.

Together with our shareholders, we will be a competitive player, bigger than our size would indicate, in the field of renewable energy. Our owners will continue to receive increasing returns on their investments. They can be confident that we are agile, efficient, reliable and service-minded. We will leverage diverse and innovative solutions as well as smart technologies to balance supply and demand. We are open-mindedly involved in solutions that, for the present, are just a figment of some dreamer’s imagination.